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November 15, 2009

A Higher Dimension – The consciousness behind the music

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A Higher Dimension – The consciousness behind the music: Enhanced liner notes for the CD

A Higher Dimension CD
A Higher Dimension CD

To listen to the CD

I had been in an intensive spiritual process for the previous four and a half years, studying with Hilda Charlton and several of her students, and had been learning to express the spiritual journey through music.  So when the opportunity came to record, I did bring some prepared music, but mostly I brought my willingness to listen and perform the music of inspiration which I heard inwardly.   I wanted to express the principles I had been learning spiritually.  I also wanted to express the realms of grace I had touched in my spiritual journey.

As the recording progressed, divine qualities would occur to me and with them a musical piece would begin “in my head.” I then played on the piano what I was hearing inside.  Putting the album together was fairly easy as the qualities which became the titles of the pieces and the music had their own logic and progression.

To listen to the CD

Here is my understanding of each of the pieces:

Gates to the Quiet Place 1:08

Preparation and relaxation to begin the inner journey.

Welcome 4:12

Being received into a heavenly realm – a further relaxation into a receptive place to get in touch with the blessing of a higher dimension.

Opening 8:13

The journey begins as we open to the consciousness of Grace and begin to see the landscape of a more harmonious way of being.  We are wrapped in a blanket of light and comfort which allows us space to breathe deeper, opening us to healing, new aliveness and higher awareness.

Forgiveness  8:50

Forgiveness is the key to the realm – the way by which one can stay in higher consciousness in the midst of life.  This is more than merely letting go of the angst.  It is a reframing of consciousness in which one can see the blessing in any situation.  It begins by taking responsibility for one’s participation in the event – how did I draw this situation into my life?  What idea was I holding that the situation is challenging?  Can I receive the gift of this challenge and let go of the illusion that wasn’t working? Can I let myself be “wrong” and allow my thoughts to be corrected by the inner wisdom enacted in the experience?  What is the gift I am gaining from this experience?  Receiving the gift, do I now  feel gratitude?

Devotion 7:35

Starting from gratitude, we enter into the bliss of every breath devoted to the Source of One’s Being, feeling the nourishment of Divine flow  from That Source as God’s Love holds our attention.

Sincerity 1:45

Sincerity is a quality of willingness and intent by which direction is set for good.

Peace 4:06

Peace, the living quality of trust leads to confidence.

Confidence 3:09

Confidence – the knowing that this is mine to do, and I can do it.

Humility 2:17

Humility is the realization and confidence knowing that nothing is done without the Source of All Beingness.  And it is that Source that does it.

Harmony 2:44

The natural result of allowing the Divine flow  manifesting.

Vision of a New Age 7:24

When we do our part with Sincerity, Peace, Confidence and Humility,  Harmony manifests inside and the landscapes of the heart, informed by the illumination of the All  Wisdom, Power and Love of the Divine, mature into Dreams Come True for all involved.

A Melody is Born 4:46

Creation Manifested leading to expanded consciousness leading to more and more beautiful expressions in life.

Home 4:05

Home is Here, at last.  No need to escape to some heaven world, for heaven is here present, now, Love Expressing.

Total Time 60:18

A Higher Dimension was recorded January 29th, 1988, and was the first album where I could say as a musician and creator of music for meditation, “If I die tomorrow I can go happily, knowing that I’ve done this recording.”

How to Listen to “A Higher Dimension”

When “A Higher Dimension” is listened to, it will NOT deliver the kind of emotional punch that a pop song or Broadway Musical song does.

Instead, this music serves as a doorway to a more subtle realm of feeling. In order to receive the benefit from listening, one has to let go of, for a moment, any concerns, worries, misunderstandings, judgements, or irritations that may show up while listening.

This isn’t done by pushing anything away.  For instance, let’s say that a feeling or a memory “comes up” while listening.  Just be with the feeling or memory and continue to listen to the music. Keep your attention (gently) on the music, note-by-note, chord-by-chord, and something will reveal itself.

At first that “something” will seem like “nothing”  — hardly noticeable…. Then eventually you may notice a subtle peace in that “something.”  Just keep following the music.

Eventually, within that subtle peace you may find a feeling of joy…. And within that joy, a love so peaceful and deep and nourishing….

This is “A Higher Dimension.”  It lives in each one of us — simultaneous and underneath our day-to-day thoughts of who we are.

When we discover this subtle realm within us, it changes who we think we are, and when we return to normal life, we are refreshed and healed. It is good to be gentle with ourselves as we return…. feeling our feet and making sure we are well grounded before resuming normal activities!

Love and Blessings,


Credits for the 2009 Anniversary CD release include:

Remastering by Stephen Smith, Soundsmiths Mastering

Cover Art by Reine Laurendeau

Design by Diane Couture

Here below are the liner notes from the original cassette-only release of this album:

Recorded January 29, 1988 at Classic Sound, N.Y.C , on an 1896 Steinway B grand piano using one (1) AKG C422 stereo microphone and two (2) Neumann U87 microphones and a Sony PCM F-1 digital recorder.

No compression limiting or equalization was used.

Executive Producer …………….. Charles Schaller

Producer……………………………….. Richard Shulman

Engineer………………………………. A.T. Michael McDonald

Cover Art……………………………… Andrew Forest

Design……………………………………. Charles Schaller

This tape is dedicated to Hilda Charlton who with great love has shown me the way to a Higher Dimension within myself.

(c) & (p) 1988 RichHeart Music


This album was originally commissioned and released by New World Productions, Charles Schaller, President.

We’d love to hear from you: For our free catalog, to order, and/or to give your comments please write, call, or email us at

RichHeart Music * PO Box 6731 * Scarborough, ME 04070-6731 * 1-888-699-3682 toll free * *



Richard Shulman – A Higher Dimension    RHM 8806


Bar code for the CD Release: 7 23867 88062 1

Here is the current description I am using to introduce this CD to new listeners:

A Higher Dimension is tranquil and inspiring solo piano for meditation healing and enlightenment.  The music expresses a spiritual journey towards mastery starting at the “Gates to the Quiet Place” through divine qualities of the higher realms to “Vision of a New Age” and ending at “Home.”  Masterfully performed, both vibrationally and musically on an 1896 Steinway B Grand Piano, this music brings the presence of the higher realms into tangible feeling.


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