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December 24, 2013

11:11 Piano Meditations for Awakening

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To Listen to the Music

Piano Meditations for Awakening 

Richard Shulman 

I first heard about 11:11 in 1991 through Erik Berglund, who introduced me to Solara ( who organized and facilitated the 11:11 planetary activation in 1992. I have often found myself looking at a digital clock and seeing 11:11, and I’ve enjoyed resonating with the inner light and love within all whenever I see this symbol. 

Several synchronicities have led me to record this set of musical meditations for experiencing the 11:11 vibrations on a deeper level. On 11/11, 2006 I performed at an 11:11 event in Asheville, NC and then the following June I met Zera Starchild who invited me to create music for an 11:11 gift basket she is marketing. So during the second half of 2007 at 11:11 am and pm Eastern Standard Time, I would sit at the piano, ask for music for the highest good with regard to 11:11, and then play and record the music I heard in response. 

Then I was invited to play for a healing session at the United Research Light Center, in Black Mountain, NC, where I often perform, on 11/11/2007. The music just happened to be professionally recorded that day, and I was gifted with a CD of what I had played. After hearing that music and starting the process of producing the finished CD, I went to a theatre performance. The box office attendent gave me seat 11 in the 11th row! That was way – more confirmation than I expected! 

I hope you will enjoy these piano meditations and that they help you to deepen in your awareness of the oneness behind all life and in your sacred journey. 

Much Love, 


Special Thanks to Solara, for her work with the 11:11 activation, to Gillian MacBeth-Louthan who organized the 11/11/06 Quantum Awakening event, to the UR Light Center, and to Zera Starchild of Doorway Publications and Anara Brinmere who initially asked me for recordings of 11:11 music. 

Recording: Richard Shulman at RichHeart Music, Asheville, NC 
Mastering: Soundsmith Mastering, Stephen Smith, engineer 
Cover Art and Design: Bonnie Lee Down/ Bonnie Designs 
Photography: Larry White 

We’d love to hear from you: For our free catalog, to order, and/or to give your comments please write, call, or email us at 
RichHeart Music * PO Box 6731 * Scarborough, ME 04070-6731 * 1-888-699-3682 toll free *

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