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December 24, 2013

Music of Peace (solo piano)

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” This piano music reflects a spectrum of feelings arising out of a choice for inner peace.” Richard
Music of Peace

Music of Peace

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Liner Notes:
In 1985 a healer I was working with suggested I do a solo piano album. Through a series of events and synchronicities this became my first spontaneously created album, dedicated to and entitled, “World Peace.” This was the beginning of two decades of work focussing on music created with conscious intent for peace, healing and Divine connection.

Out of this intent has grown a type of concert/presentation I’ve come to call Music of Peace concerts. During one of these concerts at the United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, a member of the audience expressed a wish that the music she was hearing be recorded. It dawned on me that the Light Center would be a perfect place to record a Music of Peace album, with its concert grand piano, geodesic dome, and a twenty-five year history of sponsoring prayers for peace. So we scheduled three days for me to record both in concert and by myself. The music contained on this album is gleaned from these days, and expresses a peace which is alive and passionate – not a “peace” just from the absence of war, but a peace which embraces all in an accepting love.

All of the music, except “Remembrance” and the “World Peace Theme,” was spontaneously composed or improvised in the moment, although there were a few ideas which I focussed on for a few takes until I felt good about the performances.

May the Peace within each one of us expand in love, embracing and blessing the world. Richard

Recording: Adam Johnson and Richard Shulman
Mixing: Richard Shulman
Mastering: Soundsmith Mastering, Stephen Smith, engineer
Cover Art: Eli Frantzen
Photography: Larry White
Design: Bonnie Lee Down/ Bonnie Designs

Special thanks to Charlotte Kurz and the UR Light Center, Elizabeth Robertson, for asking for a recording, Dell Emerson for his suggestion about song order, and all who have listened to and supported this music.

Performed and recorded March 25, 26, & 27, 2006 in the Dome of the United Research Light Center, Black Mountain, NC on a Kawai Concert Grand piano.

Dedicated to the One Source of all inspiration and peace, and to all who are seeking and finding inner peace. This inner peace expands to create a divine, beautiful and loving experience for all. May it be so in your world.

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