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December 24, 2013

Music to Walk the Labyrinth

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To listen to the music

Music to Walk the Labyrinth: Synthesizer Music for the Inner Journey.

Richard Shulman

This music was spontaneously composed and performed at a Labyrinth Walk sponsored by the Labyrinth Project of Connecticut, Inc. A labyrinth is a particular kind of maze with only one pathway leading to and from its center. There are no choices and you cannot get lost in it.

Labyrinths offer an opportunity for walking meditation and can be seen as metaphors for life. Many find that walking a labyrinth helps them to enter into a natural meditative state. This walking meditation can be used for reflection and problem solving, as well as for spiritual and psychological growth.

Music to Walk the Labyrinth is a continuous 47-minute synthesizer improvisation, created and performed specifically to enhance this experience.

Composed, performed and recorded by Richard Shulman April 23, 1999 at the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan, CT.
Mastered by: Steven Smith at Soundsmiths Mastering, Asheville, NC.
Producer: Richard Shulman
Associate Producer: Helen Curry
Total time: 47:50

Do not drive while listening to this music. This music is best used for meditation.

Dedicated to the Divine which makes Itself known through walking the Labyrinth.

Founded in 1993, The Labyrinth Project of Connecticut, Inc. offers community
labyrinth walks using both the 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth and the
Classical 7-circuit labyrinth on a regular basis. In addition to an on-going
prison ministry, The Project offers workshops wherever invited, and has a
Ceremonial Labyrinth specifically for labyrinth weddings.

For more information about labyrinths contact:

Helen Curry, Founder and Executive Director
The Labyrinth Project of Connecticut, Inc.

“The pure synthesizer music, what I call classic New Age, sweetly drifts along and is excellent for many kinds of bodywork as well as meditation or relaxation after a stressful day. Music to Walk the Labrinth is a continuous piece of music nearly 50 minutes long. Long, resonant tones soothe the psyche while calming the heartbeat, and angelic chords evoke the eternal peace of the heavens…. For an experience of soul healing, be sure to walk a labyrinth with Shulman’s music.”
–Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

Richard Shulman is a composer, keyboardist, and recording artist who dedicates his music to the expression of love and the awakening of inner joy. A former student of Chuck Mangione and Marian McPartland at the Eastman School of Music, Shulman uses his skills as a jazz, classical, and healing-music keyboardist to create music to assist groups and individuals in experiencing their own spiritual essence. Richard tours doing solo and group concerts and has produced eighteen albums on his label, RichHeart Music. His orchestral recording, the award winning “Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled” is based on the fulfillment of dreams of the heart. His best-selling album, “Light Music: To Clear and Align the Chakras” is popular with massage therapists and creative people.

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