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December 24, 2013

Ascension Harmonics: Sacred Attunements Through Music, by Richard Shulman & Samuel Welsh

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Over 72 minutes of dynamic, orchestral synthesizers. Designed to give the listener an experience of Heaven on Earth. Great for stress release, meditation, alignment with soul’s purpose. Spiritual attunements by Samuel Welsh.


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Album Notes
Ascension Harmonics: Sacred Attunements through MusicRichard Shulman & Samuel Welsh

Tree of Life
Surrender to Source
Peace (the Still Point)
Allowing Heaven on Earth
Universal Potential
Universal Awareness
Ascension Activation
Let This Be Sealed Through All Dimensions

Do Not Drive while listening to this music.

“An absolute feast of divine sound…the focus of this work is on creating an “ascension” process, whereby the vibrations of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are raised to such a degree that Divine qualities are able to manifest into our reality… lush, lofty and beautiful, sometimes earthy and other times angelic. It is a delight to the senses and the heart….This music is for people who are ready to break through to whole new levels of being, and soar. Magnificent.”
–Karin J. Johnson, Heartsong Review

Blessing: Musical Meditations for Taiwan

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Inspirational, healing music especially made for the people in Taiwan – but universal in its benefit for Lightworkers and spiritual seekers around the globe. Perfect for meditation and any kind of energy work.


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“Evidence of Shulman’s talented playing is heard throughout the album … The rich tones are very well suited to the title, and his composition is able to grow and still return to a familiar base in a kind of rondo form…the composition being so wonderfully strong, and the performance woefully beautiful…
Being such a personal album with a deep concept, Blessing warrants a listen from any fan of new age music or spiritual compositions….the tracks with Marie D’Andrea are so well done that their beauty could be appreciated by virtually anyone…” —- Heath Andrews, “Review You”

“Listening to Richard Shulman’s music gives me a feeling that I’m safe at my hometown by myself.
I can listen to this music again and again. It allows me to let my emotions and thoughts go everywhere and the melody always matches my feelings.I realize that I don’t have to always search for impressing and powerful music. In my daily life I need this kind of tender music with a profound quality to sooth me.
Most of all, this CD is composed by such a famous spiritual composer and with his blessings to Taiwan.
Just by listening to it you will experience a sense of blissfulness.” 
—Ma Chin Bao-Min Huang, Certified Akasha Flower Essence practitioner 
& Certified Angel Therapy practitioner / Editing Counsultant of Life Potential Publishing 

TAIWAN, also known as Formosa (from Portuguese: Ilha Formosa, “Beautiful Island”), is an island nation situated in East Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean and located off the southeastern coast of mainland China.

“Taiwan is the land of the precious.
August 2001, Graham Hancock, the author of bestselling books including“Fingerprints of the Gods”visited Taiwan because his research suggests that the civilization of Taiwan may be traced to 12,000 to 18,000 years ago, and he put the results of his journey to Taiwan in the last chapter of his book“ Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization”which was published in 2002.
In late April 2005, Dutch bioscientist Jaap Van Etten PhD found astonishing high energy in this island, maybe the best place for spiritual healing in the world, even exceeding the energy in Sedona, Arizona, USA, and any other location he had ever been before.
In 2009, Hsien-Jung Ho, the host of “Taiwan Paleo Civilization Center” and former chairman of ”Taiwan Ufology Society ”used many solid proofs in archeology and scientific research in his book “The First Land of Civilization Was Taiwan” , showing the closest relationship between Taiwan and many other lost civilizations, including Atlantis and Mu.
In 2010, at the same period as I wrote this story, Bystroem Stig Henrik, former Representative – Head of the Swedish Trade Council in Taiwan (equivalent as Swedish Embassy) determined to become the permanent citizen of Taiwan, due to his very positive impression in Taiwan of science, economics, trade, and geographic location, and for his experience that Taiwan is a very friendly country for the foreigners, which you can seldom find in other countries around the globe. 
Also, you may have similar experiences as I have had: after travel though many part of this planet
, I found that the convenience, diversity, vitality, health care system, climate, landscape, and relatively peaceful society in Taiwan is very unique and satisfying, even compared with other “advanced” western countries. 
Affected by the history and political climate, plus TV pundits and political commentators in recent years, people in Taiwan have a tendency toward “schizo” in general: we complain about others, then do the same things to others unconsciously ! While we complain, however, we forget that we, as the Taiwanese people, have many positive qualities others may long for; the past experiences are not necessarily to be our future; and most importantly : we can make it different and the change can begin with me !
All of these were my intentions for this production in the first place….

Richard and I have set the intentions since the first day of this production, to make the music as a portal, connecting with the quality and essence of this island and her people. Many qualities such as diligence, striving, amicability, toleration, and gratitude were lost without knowing during the path of our development in modern society. 
All you have to do is sit back and close your eyes, immerse yourself in the music, and you will see the totally different world– which maybe is forgotten but is always in our blood as the legacy of the human race….

You may not have the same experience as I did, but I believe it will take you to embark upon a spacial journey of your own….”
———-Excerpt from the Liner Note, written by Brian Chen, Original Concept / Co-Producer 

Sky Jazz – with Earth & Sky (aka Richard Shulman Trio)

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The Richard Shulman Trio (Earth & Sky)

Sky Jazz

Piano – Richard Shulman
Bass – Mike Holstein
Drums – Sonny Thornton

Recorded May – July 2008 at RichHeart Music Studio
Recording engineer – Dave de la Rosa
Mixed by Cliff Rubin – WalkAcrossFire Studios, Asheville, NC
Mastered by – A.T. Michael MacDonald
Produced by – Richard Shulman
Cover Photos – Tebbe Davis and Dave de la Rosa
Tray Card Photo – Larry White
Other Photos – Tebbe Davis
Design – Bonnie L. Down, Bonnie Designs
Liner Notes – Dr. Judith Schlesinger


Special thanks to my long-time friend Dr. Judith Schlesinger for her ongoing encouragement, her insightful comments on track sequencing and production, and her offer to donate  the liner notes. Special thanks also to Lois (Lytingale) Henrickson who told me I must do something with my jazz as it is too important to let lie fallow, and to Dave de la Rosa who volunteered mics and gear from his studio, and ended up engineering the recording. Thanks to Mike and Sonny whose playing together is magic,
and who have given me a framework to express my heart through jazz.

And thank you dear listeners who have given me the support to keep following the path I love. And all thanks to the Source of Inspiration and Love!

Richard Shulman and Sky Jazz
By Dr. Judith Schlesinger

“Sky Jazz” is Richard Shulman’s new genre of music. Recorded by his North Carolina trio, it combines the traditional jazz elements of harmony, pulse, and improvisation with the deliberate goal of soothing and inspiring the listener. Full of melody and swing, the music delights on its own, while helping people to relax, meditate, and even heal.

I’ve been reviewing jazz for two decades and listening for more than four. During this time I’ve probably heard it in every incarnation: mainstream, third stream, and slipstream; hot and cool; free, Latin, world, and fused with everything from Chopin to hip-hop. But I’ve never encountered jazz with such strong spiritual intent. The closest was the urgent questing of saxophone legend John Coltrane — not surprisingly, one of Richard’s major influences — although Sky Jazz inspires a much sunnier and more serene kind of reflection.

This CD circles back to the early New York days when Richard played with Ron Carter and Frank Foster, among other luminaries. Possessor of a formidable talent and technique, as well as a Master’s degree in composition, Richard first explored the healing power of sound when an injury prevented him from playing in public for two years.

On this release the focus aims skyward with the very first track, as “Pictures in the Clouds,” which describes their joyful tumbling across a bright and limitless sky. Taking time to watch their shape-shifting beauty can rest the soul and clear the mind, opening it up to insight. Listening to Sky Jazz has the same effect, of inviting the imagination out to play.

While Richard’s songs describe his own challenges and celebrations, they encourage listeners to contemplate their own. It should be noted that Sky Jazz bears no resemblance to the repetitious, generic stuff that many people associate with the “New Age” category. Instead — and as usual — Richard’s music is well-crafted, deeply felt, and cliché-free. He’s got such a strong melodic gift that his tunes could well become staples of the jazz repertoire.

As it happens they are already universal, since everyone has experiences to file under “Circular Mind,” “Getting Over Lost Love,” and “Goodbye to Fantasy.” The CD’s closer, “Relaxin’ at Home,” goes on like the favorite pair of slippers that warms the end of a day.

Sky Jazz also soothes the soul because it never dwells in darkness. When we reflect honestly on our lives, there will always be a poignant moment or two (or a thousand). There’s simply no way for humans to avoid loss, mistakes, and those dreams that insist on staying out of reach. Our healing comes when we salute such things as natural, understand and accept their lessons, and move beyond their pain to wisdom. Richard conveys this philosophy with his harmonic colors, using his rich musical palette to relieve tension and create the sound of hope.

As a psychologist, I can recommend Sky Jazz as an enjoyable, easy-to-use aid to relaxation and creativity. As a jazz writer, I can tell you that the music is terrific. But however you choose to approach or apply it, one thing is sure: this CD will take you on a wonderful journey.
Dr. Judith Schlesinger ~ Senior writer and columnist,
Author of “Dangerous Joy: The Mad Musician and Other Creative Myths”

Titles with notes from Richard

Pictures in the Clouds

One for Us
There is no one outside the circle of us.

Piano Interlude
One of those kinds of things I love to play

Getting Over Lost Love
Sometimes our history must be acknowledged.

Never Before
A vehicle to create textures in improvisation – for me this song expresses innocence in action.

Live at Arthur’s
Written for a club in Hoboken, NJ which the RS Group played at in the mid 1980’s when I lived in NYC.

Love Revisited
Human love – sometimes sorrowful, sometimes joyful, always a doorway to a deeper love.

Dan’s Song
A wedding present for a friend.

Goodbye to Fantasy
Honors a major lesson to be present.

Circular Mind
The mind likes to go in circles – and sometimes they sound good.

Still Young at 95
A happy birthday song written for my grandfather.

Relaxin’ at Home
May your home be Relaxin’.

All songs written by Richard Shulman and
©, (p) 2009 RichHeart Music, All rights reserved.
419 Creekside Dr. Asheville, NC 28804
888-699-3682 &

1. Pictures in the Clouds – 6:14
2. One For Us – 4:27
3. Piano Interlude – :57
4. Getting Over Lost Love – 6:59
5. Never Before – 7:40
6. Live at Arthur’s – 4:36
7. Love Revisited – 8:37
8. Dan’s Song – 6:51
9. Goodbye to Fantasy – 6:33
10. Circular Mind – 4:56
11. Still Young – 9:59
12. Relaxin at Home – 7:00

Total time 74:50

RHM 0923

Sacred Music for Healing Hands, Volume 2

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To listen to the Music click here

Sacred Music for Healing Hands Volume 2
Richard Shulman

Healing Touch / Energetic Healing

This music was composed and performed by Richard Shulman during a workshop on Energetic Healing led by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CHTP, CHTI, at Virginia Beach, April 1998. Together they combined their gifts to bring you these two unique CDs (Volumes 1 & 2). Sacred Music for Healing Hands can be used in any healing practice.

Dedicated to all those committed to use the hands and heart for healing. May you be guided and protected as you share your light and love unconditionally. May the Divine Spirit that looks after each of us assist in our healing efforts.

“…music for enhancing the healing arts and personal meditation/reflection practices. Shulman’s gently evolving musical texures consist of low frequency keyboard tones that calm the body and provide listeners with a mindset focused on healing and spiritual enlightenment. The album features four extended length tracks filled with the power of peace and tranquility to help with chakra cleansing, Hara alignment and finding inner light.”
–Music Design in Review

Richard Shulman is a composer, keyboardist, and recording artist who dedicates his music to the expression of love and the awakening of inner joy. A former student of Chuck Mangione and Marian McPartland at the Eastman School of Music, Shulman uses his skills as a jazz, classical, and healing-music keyboardist to create music to assist groups and individuals in experiencing their own spiritual essence. Richard tours doing solo and group concerts and has produced eighteen albums on his label, RichHeart Music. His orchestral recording, the award winning “Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled” is based on the fulfillment of dreams of the heart. His best-selling album, “Light Music: To Clear and Align the Chakras” is popular with massage therapists and creative people.

Music for Magnified Healing

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To Listen for the Music

Gentle, high vibration synthesizer music created for healing at a Magnified Healing™ workshop. Excellent for massage, healing work, and meditation, this sweet music carries the vibration of Kwan Yin, known in the Orient as the Goddess of Mercy, Healing, and Compassion. Two pieces, each about one-half hour, enfold the listener in a musical loving embrace. Total time 60:28

DO NOT DRIVE WHILE LISTENING TO THIS MUSIC. It is best used for meditation and healing.

“Richard’s synthesized, high vibrational keyboard music fills the air with the healing energies of Kwan Yin, the mother of compassion, healing and mercy. …Richard’s inspired tones are joyful and gentle. This joy permeates the soul…. As the music progresses, the light of healing and restoration surrounds you. Music for Magnified Healing is one of the best meditation pieces we’ve heard. It is gentle and invigorating. Healing is a natural side effect to listening to this wonderful CD.”
–Concepts Magazine

About Richard Shulman

Composer, keyboardist, and recording artist Richard Shulman has, since 1984, dedicated his music to the expression of love and the awakening of inner joy. Richard uses his extensive background in Classical, Jazz and New Age styles, including studies with Marian McPartland and Chuck Mangione at the Eastman School of Music, to create music to assist groups and individuals in embodying their own spiritual essence.

Richard Shulman works with the power of music as a medium of positive transformation. For this purpose he has created hundreds of Musical Soul Portraits for individuals, couples and groups, performed at the Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Art Park, the United Nations and numerous venues throughout North America and in Europe, and has composed, produced and/or performed on over forty recordings. Richard’s latest releases are the award winning “Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled”, and his duo recording with cellist Adriana Contino entitled “New Beginnings.”


Sacred Music for Healing Hands, Volume 1

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Ambient music in tune with and timed to assist healing clients and practitioners in the transmission of subtle energies.


To listen to the music click here

Sacred Music for Healing Hands Volume 1
Richard Shulman

Healing Touch / Energetic Healing

This music was composed and performed by Richard Shulman during a workshop on Energetic Healing led by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CHTP, CHTI, at Virginia Beach, April 1998. Together they combined their gifts to bring you these two unique CDs (Volumes 1 & 2). Sacred Music for Healing Hands can be used in any healing practice.

Dedicated to all those committed to use the hands and heart for healing. May you be guided and protected as you share your light and love unconditionally. May the Divine Spirit that looks after each of us assist in our healing efforts.

“…tonal keyboard ambience designed to guide listeners toward the goal of spiritual healing and renewal…ideal for use with healing practices like massage therapy, yoga or Reiki. The soothing music flows with a soft positive energy that restores the soul and fills the listener with a sense of balance and divine presence.”
–Music Design in Review

Richard Shulman is a composer, keyboardist, and recording artist who dedicates his music to the expression of love and the awakening of inner joy. A former student of Chuck Mangione and Marian McPartland at the Eastman School of Music, Shulman uses his skills as a jazz, classical, and healing-music keyboardist to create music to assist groups and individuals in experiencing their own spiritual essence. Richard tours doing solo and group concerts and has produced eighteen albums on his label, RichHeart Music. His orchestral recording, the award winning “Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled” is based on the fulfillment of dreams of the heart. His best-selling album, “Light Music: To Clear and Align the Chakras” is popular with massage therapists and creative people.


Music of Peace (solo piano)

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” This piano music reflects a spectrum of feelings arising out of a choice for inner peace.” Richard
Music of Peace

Music of Peace

Click to listen

Liner Notes:
In 1985 a healer I was working with suggested I do a solo piano album. Through a series of events and synchronicities this became my first spontaneously created album, dedicated to and entitled, “World Peace.” This was the beginning of two decades of work focussing on music created with conscious intent for peace, healing and Divine connection.

Out of this intent has grown a type of concert/presentation I’ve come to call Music of Peace concerts. During one of these concerts at the United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, a member of the audience expressed a wish that the music she was hearing be recorded. It dawned on me that the Light Center would be a perfect place to record a Music of Peace album, with its concert grand piano, geodesic dome, and a twenty-five year history of sponsoring prayers for peace. So we scheduled three days for me to record both in concert and by myself. The music contained on this album is gleaned from these days, and expresses a peace which is alive and passionate – not a “peace” just from the absence of war, but a peace which embraces all in an accepting love.

All of the music, except “Remembrance” and the “World Peace Theme,” was spontaneously composed or improvised in the moment, although there were a few ideas which I focussed on for a few takes until I felt good about the performances.

May the Peace within each one of us expand in love, embracing and blessing the world. Richard

Recording: Adam Johnson and Richard Shulman
Mixing: Richard Shulman
Mastering: Soundsmith Mastering, Stephen Smith, engineer
Cover Art: Eli Frantzen
Photography: Larry White
Design: Bonnie Lee Down/ Bonnie Designs

Special thanks to Charlotte Kurz and the UR Light Center, Elizabeth Robertson, for asking for a recording, Dell Emerson for his suggestion about song order, and all who have listened to and supported this music.

Performed and recorded March 25, 26, & 27, 2006 in the Dome of the United Research Light Center, Black Mountain, NC on a Kawai Concert Grand piano.

Dedicated to the One Source of all inspiration and peace, and to all who are seeking and finding inner peace. This inner peace expands to create a divine, beautiful and loving experience for all. May it be so in your world.

Transformation at Assisi – reviews and liner notes

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Richard Shulman
“Transformation at Assisi” is a sacred musical journey conceived and recorded at the birthplace of St. Francis, and is the companion album to “Light from Assisi.”


Click to Listen to Transformation at Assisi

Released Fall, 1992 (CD release Fall 1999)

New Age Devotional/Meditative

This music inspires the seeker of God and portrays the effects of Divine grace available in this extraordinary place. Expansion and wonder are the emotional keynotes here, as the transformative power of grace weaves dark and light into a greater light. Orchestral synthesizers featuring sounds of strings, bells, flute, and horns. Total time 73:56

“..Now, after a two-year wait, the remaining compositions can be experienced on a flawless piece of art called Transformation at Assisi. This new recording creates a profound ecclesiastical atmosphere that I find ideal for introspection. Recreating the sounds of brass, strings, woodwinds, bells, pipe organ, and angelic choruses, Shulman paints a portrait of his wondrous expansion of consciousness…. The 75 minutes of beautiful music… tell me more about the composer’s inner experience than volumes of prose ever could. Although Shulman’s liner notes are profuse and intriguing, it is the grandeur of his music that portrays his extraordinary Transformation at Assisi.”
–Ken Gruen, New Frontier Magazine

Liner Notes
There is a magical feeling in the little town of Assisi, for this is the birthplace of St. Francis. Transformation at Assisi is a musical journey inspired by my experience at St. Francis’ Assisi and is a companion album to Light from Assisi. While Light from Assisi is primarily a portrait of the Grace I found there, Transformation emphasizes my introspective journey towards Grace, replete with its ups and downs.
The inner transformation which began at Assisi continues, with reminders and blessings as I learn to live a life in tune with the Divine. There remain ups and downs as I learn to recognize intimations towards joy and right action which often show up when I least expect them.
Although this is the second release from my trip to Assisi, this album contains the music created during the first two weeks of my stay there.
1. Angel Talk (Arrival)
A lovely way to get to Assisi is by train, passing through rolling hills and round, green mountains. Dotting the landscape are quaint stucco and stone houses, each with its ever present cypress trees.
Periodically we would pass a medieval-looking village on a hill top. “Could that be Assisi?” I wondered. I couldn’t help smiling with anticipation.
The train finally stopped at Santa Maria degli Angeli (St. Mary of the Angels), the town at the foot of Assisi which has grown up around the church of the same name.  I was to stay here at a friend’s apartment, venturing out each day in search of the sacred.
2. Compassion (First Impressions)
So many of us find a place in this world that triggers a memory, a feeling of home. For some, it may be in nature, a forest, the ocean, a mountain, the sky, the stars. Some of us are moved by great art or the edifices created by man to celebrate the Divine. Sometimes we are moved by a personal moment of understanding between two people, when a seemingly irreconcilable gap is transcended.
To feel the compassion of a being who has “touched the hem of God” and especially to recognize such a compassion living within oneself is a great gift. For those who choose to experience the unconditional love of St. Francis, it can be found at Assisi in great strength and in sweet subtlety.  A feeling of love and holiness pervades the town and surrounding countryside as if the whole town were in a giant sacred cathedral.
3. In the Hills
A walk in the countryside was a perfect way to remember the joy of life.
4. Santa Maria degli Angeli (St. Mary of the Angels)
When I first walked into St. Mary of the Angels Cathedral I hear a voice within me say, “Look what they’ve done to my little church!” The tiny church, one of those which St. Francis rebuilt by hand, now sits at the crux of a giant cathedral.
Nicknamed the Portiuncola or “little portion, ” St. Mary of the Angels is the Mother Church of the Franciscan Order.  Here St. Francis received a full pardon for all who seek the forgiveness and love of God. There is a feeling of great devotion, sanctity and gratitude here.
5. Dream of the Heart
We all have visions ideas and landscapes within our hearts of dreams we would love to see come true, personally and for the world.
6. Walking Theme
By putting one foot in front of the other I believe we can bring our dreams to Earth. This was one theme that came to me as I walked.
7. Confession
I found that each person I talked to had his/her own experience at Assisi and that my experience of inner communication with St. Francis was at times subtle and easily broken; so I experienced periods of grateful learning, great bliss and then great sorrows when I failed to keep my eye on the Divine.
There were plenty of opportunities for me to become aware of thoughts memories feelings and interactions which pulled my attention from God’s joy.
8. Love of Christ
“Love of Christ, Love of Christ, You are the light in my darkest night,
Love of Christ, Love of Christ, You are my joy and my soul’s delight!”
9. More Angels
At any moment we could rise with the joy and love of the Angels!
10. Heavenly Heights (Upper level, the Basilica of St. Francis)
The Basilica of St. Francis is in three levels, each one a church in itself. Walking into the upper level of St. Francis’ Basilica can be an expansive experience. It’s great height and beautiful frescos by Giotto remind us of a glory we may not normally contemplate.
11. O Light of Christ
“O Light of Christ illumine my heart for I am nothing without You,
O Light of Christ illumine my heart for I am nothing without You,
O Joy of salvation, it brings me tears of joy
O Joy of salvation, it brings me tears of joy.”
12. Introspection/Transformation (Middle level, Basilica of St. Francis)
Built in a Romanesque style with a low rounded ceiling, the middle level church is perfect for looking within and releasing the thoughts and feelings we sometimes torture ourselves with.  St. Francis’ body is buried directly under the altar in a stone sarcophagus (which forms the center of the chapel below).  The atmosphere here is dark and womb-like.  This is a place for going deep.  My experience was that I could delve into past memories and pain, and again and again, feel the grace of God lovingly wash away what was no longer useful to me. I became aware that I needed to let go deeply in order to reach the heights.
13. Oh Happiness
“Oh Happiness I thank you for being with me,
Oh Happiness I thank you for being with me in this world,
You’re always welcome here.”
Looking back on my experiences of getting to know St. Francis and making him one of my beloveds, I now see that the process of letting go of fear and allowing love in my heart and mind is a continuous one. This is my transformation. Being at Assisi was a trigger for me, and in that role, very necessary.  I now find as a musician and in my personal life, the grace and friendship of St. Francis are available at any time and any place, especially when I am forgetting my own needs and praying for others.
There are many doorways to the qualities of God, each quality being a doorway. Francis’ path of impeccable devotion, joy, simplicity, love, charity, faith, and most of all, the willingness to place the Presence of God foremost in every step, is a path which has transformed my life forever.
I believe that an unconscious connection of love and recognition exists among all beings, and that by many paths we each can experience this connection consciously.  I view this album as a doorway through which one may enter into a state of conscious connection with St. Francis.
Experiences I had while at Assisi made it clear to me that my connection with St. Francis has been continuous, although mostly unconscious throughout this life.
The second day of my trip to Assisi, I walked up Mt. Subasio to try to find the Hermitage of the Carceri.  Instead of following the road I went straight up the mountain. After a rest to enjoy the view, I took a path into a wood. Suddenly I felt a great grief, as if I had lost my best friend, and began sobbing and calling “Francesco, Francesco!” I didn’t know what such an outburst could mean but it got me to thinking, and a few pieces of a jig-saw puzzle came to mind.
Growing up Jewish, I had learned nothing about St. Francis, although my mother did have the “Prayer of St. Francis” framed in the basement. Years later I was hired as a substitute organist at a Spanish Catholic church. When the priest took me through a courtyard I asked if a particular statue was of St. Francis. How did I know?
Once in a meditation class the teacher had us meditate on the Christ. I didn’t understand why I had seen the sleeve and then the torso of a Franciscan friar, while some others had had visions  of white light or Jesus.
Is it possible that I was with St. Francis as a Minor Brother and he had been my doorway/teacher, revealing the Christ to me through his example; and is it possible that I, believing in the path of controlling the mind and emotions for the sake of remaining in the joy of God, had never fully grieved the loss of my beloved teacher when he died? Is it possible that I had returned to Assisi unknowing, for the purpose of releasing this grief? These are the thoughts which cam to my mind that day.
Whatever the answers are to the above questions, it is clear that my trip to Assisi enabled me to feel my direct connection with St. Francis, and likewise, realize my connection with all of creation. These connections are not affected by events in time but remain always now available. It is my sincere hope that this album will prompt you to re-experience your own relationship with the Divine.
“All-Highest, glorious God, cast your light into the darkness of my heart.
Give me right faith, firm hope, perfect charity and profound humility,
with wisdom and perception o Lord so that I may do what is truly
Your holy will. Amen”
St. Francis
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Richard Shulman
DEDICATION: To lovers of God everywhere.
Executive producers: Pierre Nadeau, Scott Petito, Richard Shulman, Mariola Barilli
Producer: Richard Shulman
Engineer: Scott Petito
Art Directors: Pierre Nadeau and Diane Couture
Design: Pierre Nadeau and Diane Couture
Cover Photo: Pierre Charland
Basic sequences were recorded November 1989 at Assisi, Italy using a Korg M1 music work station and a Mac Plus computer with Performer software. Mixing and mastering were done at NRS Studio, Woodstock, NY in July and August, 1992.
Special Thanks:
To Ron Young who initially brought me to Assisi and suggested this project /
To Pierre Nadeau, Diane Couture, Scott Petito and Mariola Barilli who have generously invested their time and money to bring this album to fruition /
To Lou Caimano for his excellent production suggestions /
To Rocco Macri who opened his home and heart to me during my stay at Assisi /
To all of my dear supporters who have bought and loved this album and Light from Assisi; you have helped me continue my work.
Thank you!
total running time 73::58
Transformation at Assisi is a sacred musical journey conceived and recorded at the birthplace of St. Francis, and is the companion album to Light from Assisi.
Do Not Drive while listening to this music.
RichHeart Music

June 1, 2010

Liner Notes from Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled

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Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled

for Orchestra, Piano, Choir and Soloists

for more info

Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled

Listen to Camelot Reawakened

Orchestral Music by Richard Shulman, performed by a 35 piece orchestra consisting of members of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, a 20 member choir, and soloists conducted by Robert Hart Baker

Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled was recorded live in concert on Jan. 12th 2002, and in closed session on Jan. 13th at the Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville, NC

Listen to Camelot Reawakened

The Story:

Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled is about the fulfillment of dreams of the heart for individuals and society, and it’s creation has been a dream come true for me.

In the mid 80’s, I awoke one morning hearing an extraordinary symphonyinside me. “I could never write this down.” I thought, and the music stopped. I felt a profound sadness and then vowed to be prepared the next time I heard such inner beauty.

During this time period, a healer I was working with showed me that I could create “Musical Soul Portraits” for people. Invoking music “for the Highest Good” of others has allowed me to hear, express, and record music of Divine Connection for those I work with.

I became interested in Camelot while working on the Keeper of the Holy Grail CD, which explores our inner sacred reality as the Holy Grail. A visit to Glastonbury, England in 1995 further awakened me to some of the strands of connection between Camelot and my own life.

A year later in September 1996, as I closed my eyes in preparation to compose a musical soul portrait, I saw a vision of a sword descending from the heavens directly in front of me. I opened my eyes and asked my client, “Did you see what I saw?” She said, “I have one word for you: Camelot.”

The Musical Soul Portrait performed that evening carried a power and beauty which expressed a dream of Heaven on Earth fulfilled. I knew I had been given a gift and a beginning.

It became clear to me that this piece was about a dream of the heart — a dream of Heaven on Earth, that flowered for a time in Camelot and has continued to grow in the hearts and minds of many people. I made the commitment to follow the inspiration to its completion

Over the next three years, dozens of clients came to me with a connection to Camelot. While playing for them, I became aware of entering sacred moments. Within these moments I heard music related to the original “Camelot session.” Each person carried a piece of the “jigsaw puzzle” of a harmonious society and it was reflected in their soul’s music.

I also found “Camelot music” showing up in many of my recording sessions. I began to collect and catalog these melodies. Working an hour or two most days, in my “spare” time, these melodies gradually came together as a piece for symphony orchestra, piano, choir and soloists.

When the score was about 80% done, I approached Robert Hart Baker, conductor of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, with a printout and a synthesizer mockup of the piece. He offered to work with me and we eventually scheduled a concert on Saturday, January 12, 2002, followed by a recording session the next day, with a 35-piece orchestra.

Writing for orchestra had actually been easy and fun! Now my challenge was to have the confidence to work with other people as director of the project. I learned to “keep the faith” in the midst of all kinds of fears, and found a generosity in many people who helped me do what I never could have done on my own. Amazingly, different people told me how to do the publicity, how to fill the hall etc., and I found that the only way to get everything done, without being overwhelmed, was to do one step at a time.

After the concert, “One step at a time” continued as I edited and mixed the music. I saw and honored how this way of being opens me to a dance with Life: doing what needs to be done, and then enjoying the response. This gives me an opportunity for the next step.

Portions of this story first appeared in the December 2001 issue of Spirit in the Smokies, with the thoughtful help of its editors. See their Web site:

Behind the Music

Listen to Camelot Reawakened


The first movement opens in a mist. In and out of this mist weave various instruments, leading to a simple, clear statement of the first main theme by the tenor voice and piano. This is the theme of the Dream of Camelot.

It signifies the dream of our hearts. A brief interlude is followed by the return of the theme of the Dream with the full orchestra.


The second movement is a procession of the cast of characters in the Camelot of all of our lives. In truth, the characters of our lives are all royalty. Our cast of characters is creating a dream together. The initial thought is, “Wow, we’re going to manifest this dream. Let’s celebrate!”


The celebration is an expression of that hopeful energy, but it also brings us to the point of recognizing that there’s work to be done.


The celebration opens the doorway to memory. With memory we are able to start to look at what has not worked in the past when we have tried to follow our dreams. The fourth movement is about acknowledging what happened, feeling the emotions, and letting go of the patterns that didn’t serve us. Then we remember the dream, which opens us to new hope.


This song is a message of hope, of being willing to face whatever fear seemingly blocks us. In that choice, we remember our deeper nature as Love. There is still a good bit of the journey for us to go on, but without love we go no further.

Lyrics: Remember the Love that We Are

I choose to be present here,

No matter how dark life seems around me now;

I’m choosing to face the fear,

The fear I believed in ’til now.

There’s a plan, there is a dream,

There is a truth waiting to be seen;

Let the promise of ages come forth.

Hear the call of the ancient song,

Speaking of visions we’ve held so long

Of Peace on Earth and a way to be

That honors the way of the heart.

In the midst of the fear, in the midst of the pain,

I will hold fast, love will remain.

Love lives in you, love lives in me

Showing the way for us all to be free.

There is a peace shining within,

Below and above, there is a Love;

Let all the Love shining between

Every soul, let it be seen.

Remember the Light in the darkest of nights,

Remember the dream, keep it alive;

One step at a time, lettting go of the fear,

Finding the truth that makes it all clear;

Finding the strength, looking inside,

Healing our wounds, nothing to hide;

The peace from inside will bring Peace on the Earth,

Honoring all, knowing our worth.

Now is a new reality;

Together with love we change our destiny;

Loving peace is already here, acting in each of our lives.

From the same place we all come,

Each one unique and a part of the one,

The One that is in everyone,

Is the Love that we feel when we love anyone.

Walking a path of the heart (as a living prayer),

Joining together what once seemed apart,

Whatever we choose to become,

In our diversity we are still one.

Life shows a new way to be,

Each choice a new opportunity,

To let go of what seems to be

And remember the Love that we are.

Remember the Love that we are. Remember Love.


In the fourth, fifth and sixth movements, we’re looking at the past, releasing the baggage of it, choosing to face whatever we’re afraid of, and then moving forward. The sixth movement expresses a love that truly encompasses everything, even our past. Out of the past come tremendous gems of experience and learning. These gems can be used to create the

reality we want. Woven into this movement is a beautiful song of grace and self-responsibility by Lucille Olson. The melody of “Our Thoughts Are Prayers” is played by the violas just after the piano enters, about halfway through the piece. The lyrics are:

Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying;

Our thoughts are prayers, be aware of what you’re saying.

Keep a higher consciousness, of love and thankfulness;

And know that God is always here, and every thought remains a prayer.


When we enter into the labyrinth, we face ourselves. And the ones who can face themselves are truly heros. This piece honors those who bear the gifts of self-knowing. Such gifts are for the world, as well as for themselves.


The eighth movement is about taking all the pieces that we are and integrating them with purpose, creating empowerment. This is power with wisdom and love working together — an empowerment of service to the greater good.


The Dream Fulfilled is a loving paradigm in which all beings are living in their joy and in their highest reality. This music expresses a sweetness of life “better than we could imagine,” which is what life really can be. Every person who follows their dream opens a doorway for the next person to follow theirs. And as each dream comes into fruition, more and more of the collective dream can be accomplished. And the vision that each of us has for the most beautiful world imaginable, can happen.

The original Dream of Camelot theme returns towards the end of this movement, interwoven with themes from all nine movements. It is a beautiful vision — Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled

“Every person who follows their dream opens a doorway for the next person to follow theirs. And as each dream comes into fruition, more and more of the collective dream can be accomplished. Ahd the vision that each of us has for the most beautiful world imaginable, can happen.”  – Richard Shulman

Listen to Camelot Reawakened

Orchestra Personnel

Violin I

Mary Byrd Daniels


Inez Hullinger Redman

Ralph Congdon

Niamh Tuohy Clarke

R. Alexander Spainhour III

Pamela R. Robbins

Violin II

Salvatore Venittelli


Debra L. Anthony

Ashley G. Pless

Krisztina Krivatsy Stern

William Henigbaum

Melissa P. Alderman


Margery S. Kowal


N. Jan Daugherty

E. Douglas Vaughan

Kay Gilbert


Frances B. Duff


Patricia Koelling Johnston

Brigid S. Reckmeyer


Nils Robert Egerstrand


Eliot D. Wadopian


Martha H. Kitterman



Barbra Duvall Baker


Yuki K. Harding


Harry H. ‘Chip’ Hill


Shannon Thompson


Rod J. Gornto


Terry A. Roberts


Mitzi Hall

Rex Gallatin

Thomas English


T. Mark Clodfelter


James Sparrow

Timpani & Bass Drum

Jeremy T. Hoots

Percussion & Drum Kit

Byron Hedgepeth


Lee Thomas

Tenor, Movement 1

Bill Melanson

Baritone, Movement 5

Donna Michael

Alto, Movement 5

Duncan Wickel

Uilleann Pipes, Movement 7

Richard Shulman

Piano, Movements 1–9

Additional overdubbed tracks

Richard Shulman

Choir Personnel

Ruth Sieber Johnson



Geraldine Ludeman

Francie Rose

Shamora P. Pate Duffie

Celeste Lauren


Darleen Benson

Wendy Woods

Linda Giltz

Rosemary Lackey

Althea Gonzalez

Mary Miller Stair


David Hoffman

Mark Small

Lee Thomas

Forrest Green

George Peery


Bob Di Diego

Ed Scott

Jack Hall

Richard Sackett

Additional Choir overdubs

Amy Rae Stupka

Celeste Lauren

Special Thanks for your Generous Support

Robert Hart Baker, Herb & Celeste Shulman, Christine Westfeldt, Peggy Hiatt, Gayle Hurst, Celeste Lauren.

Thanks to Marcia Heusted, whose Musical Soul Portrait initiated this project, and to all who have worked with me who have a connection to the dream of Camelot…. Samuel Welsh, for reminding me of the Holy Grail. Stephen Smith and Tom Bates for sage mixing advice… to Lauren Gdovin at RichHear Music, our friends at New Leaf and Music Design, and to all our listeners who have helped this dream to become realized.

Camelot Reawakened: A Dream Fulfilled

Composed, Orchestrated and Produced by

Richard Shulman

Conducted by

Robert Hart Baker

Score and Part Preparation:

Joseph Norris

Bowing Copyists:

Joseph Norris

John Williams

Richard Shulman

Musician Contracting:

Sally Keeney, ASO Operations Manager

Hall Liason:

Steve Hageman, ASO Director

Recording engineers:

Stephen Smith

Dick Kowal

Thomas Bates

Editing and Mixing; 2/11 – 6/11/02

Richard Shulman

Reverb Programming

Stephen Smith

Mastering: 6/9 – 6/14/02

Soundsmiths Mastering

Stephen Smith – engineer

Cover Photography:

“Magical Mystery Tor”

by L’aura Colan portrays the Michael Tor in Glastonbury England. ©1992 L’aura Colan/Photonica

“An eleventh century monk prophesized that the Holy Grail would be found where the rainbow crescent cuts St. Michael’s line (which runs 235 miles across southern England and has a monument to Michael every 30 miles).  Through camera refraction of the Sun’s light, the white beam appears to conjoin with St. Michael’s line and is cut by a rainbow crescent. A Vision Fulfilled.” – L’aura Colan

Photo Portrait of Richard

Larry White

Other Photos

Donna Michael and friends

Heron Productions

Graphic design:

Bonnie Down

Bonnie Designs

Other related RichHeart Music titles include:

Keeper of the Holy Grail, Music to Walk the Labyrinth and First Rites – Music for Healing Touch

©, (p) 2002 RichHeart Music, BMI (all rights reserved)

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April 7, 2010

Enhanced liner notes for New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

Richard Shulman – Piano & Adriana Contino – Cello

New Beginnings CD cover

New Beginnings is a delicate balance of cello and piano, inspiration and listening, and of freely flowing improvisation with exquisitely composed melodies.

To listen to the CD

Liner Notes

By Richard

I first met Adriana Contino in 1987 in New York City when I was in the process of writing a piece for cello and piano for Theatre of the Heart, a wonderful performing collective of dancers, musicians, and singers.

At the time she was a freelance cellist, playing in many local orchestras.  I was immediately struck by her fiery enthusiasm, which would become amplified as soon as she began to play.  After we performed and recorded “First Light,” we continued to get together for musical exploration sessions.

In these sessions, I learned about writing for the cello, and she was learning about improvisation. Our time together quickly ended when Adriana was hired as Principal Cellist for the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in Germany.

Two years later, Adriana called, telling me that she had been continuing to improvise,  that she was coming to visit New York for a couple days, and asked if I could  set up a recording session.  Excited, I wrote a new piece for us and arranged several others for cello and piano. Once she arrived, we scheduled a rehearsal and went into the studio the next day. In our two-hour session we recorded five improvisations, four of which appear here, and three of my own pieces.

In the New York City style of doing our best every time, magic happened in the music as we explored the delicate balance of following the inspiration while listening to each other at the same time.  And moment by moment we discovered our New Beginnings.

To listen to the CD

Tracks with descriptions

New Beginnings 4:28

A bright melody of discovery –  Shulman

Gustav’s Lullabye 3:27

An improvisation became a beautiful lullabye. – Contino/Shulman

American Native Prayer  3:31

An improvisation honoring North America’s Native people and the necessity of our reconnection to Mother Earth and All that Is. – Contino/Shulman

Mom 5:59

A song of forgiveness and understanding – A remembrance that when I take responsibility for my own consciousness, the door of Love opens within me. – Shulman

Improv. 1   11:53

An exploration…  – Contino/Shulman

Song For Smitty 9:38

A tribute to a beautiful friend – an improvisation on a theme by Adriana. She talks about Smitty: “James Smith was a street person. He raised the spiritual level of the upper West Side of Manhattan. Known as ‘Smitty’ to all those he shared his beautiful life attitude with – he stood, propped on his crutches, in all weather and all seasons. His life contribution continues to shine through all those who he deeply touched.” – Contino

Friendship Renewed 1:56

And happily so – Shulman

* * *

To purchase the CD as a digital download

To purchase the CD

Recorded 9/1/89 at Manhattan Recording Company, NYC, A.T. Michael MacDonald, Engineer.

Mastered 4/21 & 22/03 at Soundsmiths Mastering, Stephen Smith, Engineer.

© p 2003 RichHeart Music, BMI and Continuo Music.

RichHeart Music

PO Box 6731 Scarborough, ME 04070-6731

888-699-3682, 828-658-9604



Cover Photo of the Smoky Mountains

by Janet Finnegan

© The Creative Source

Design – Bonnie L. Down, Bonnie Designs

* * *

To listen to the CD

Additional resources:

There is another recording of “Mom” with the Richard Shulman Group (Alto sax, piano, bass & drums) on the CD “Open Spaces.” There is also sheet music available on the RichHeart Music web site and by calling 888-699-3682 for “Mom” written for cello & piano, for jazz group, and an orchestral version written for jazz quartet with orchestra.

There is also sheet music for a longer version of “Friendship Renewed” arranged for violin & piano, as well as a chamber group version.

The lead sheet for New Beginnings is also available here.

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