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November 14, 2009

The importance of clarity in expressing the inexpressible

Last week I did my first interview for a column in the new magazine New Awareness which will come out in their December/January issue.  This first interview was appropriately with fellow composer Steven Halpern, one of the first and most effective creators of music for healing and meditation in the New Age genre.

Steven works tirelessly to express with clarity what his music is about and we had a great conversation resulting in over 22,000 characters for an article slated for 2,000 characters!  So for several days Steven and I whittled, cut and distilled the message down to the essence of his work.

I thought that this might be torture for him and expressed this at one point in the process and his reply was that this is not torture but that it is his job!

To find the right words to express what normally is NOT expressed in words is grounding the ineffable into awareness, and although this may not directly convey the actual experience, it can at least point in the direction of gnosis, or point towards grokking the music.


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